Cash Back in your pocket. I want to invest in your future!


Who couldn't use some cash back in their pocket after purchasing their new dream home?


Receive up to $2000* back in cash when you purchase your dream home or cottage through Brad Sinclair, sales representative with Flat Rate Realty

How does this system work?


1.  Strategy meeting- I will meet with you to walk you through the complex process of purchasing a property. You will learn the lingo, paperwork and purchasing steps. I will learn what you are looking for in your next property. Together we will come up with a strategy to find the perfect property for you!

2. Finding the right property- We will set up an email system that will have new listings in your inbox every morning. Between your eyes and mine on the market we will select properties to view.

3. Preparing of offer and negotiations-Together with my expertise and market knowledge we will come up with a solid stratigy to purchase the property we found for you. I will handle all paperwork, instructions and negotiations. You handle the decisions. Together we will do our best to secure your dream property.

4. Receive up to $2000 in cash back- Once the funds of the purchase have been disbursed you will receive CASH to put towards appliances, paint, moving cost, what ever you want. I provide all the same services as other Realtors® but you get a awesome bonus for using my services! CASH. I want to invest in your future!

If your are also selling remember I will put even thousands more back in your pocket with our 3.75% commission rate!

Cash back amounts:
Purchase of >$500,000= $2000 cash back
Purchase of > $300,000 to $499,999=$1500 cash back
Purchase of > $200,000 to $299,999=$1000 cash back
Commissions of the sale to Flat Rate Realty must be payable of the amount of 2.25% for this offer to qualify.

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